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7 Mistakes That Make Your Pores Appear Larger!

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7 Mistakes That Make Your Pores Appear Larger!

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It contains millions of pores, even if most of them are not visible to the human eye. All these pores are open, allowing the skin to breathe. Each pore contains a hair follicle. Each pore also contains sebaceous (oil) glands that make an oil called sebum.

The sebaceous glands are most abundant in the pores on your face, back, chest, and groin. Hormones play a role in stimulating these glands in order to produce more abundant quantities of sebum. That’s why the pores on your face, most specifically those on your nose, forehead, and cheeks, may appear larger than they do on other areas of your body. Any skin type, whether it’s oily, normal, or dry, can take on the appearance of having large open pores. These may give your skin a dull appearance, particularly if they’re clogged with dirt, bacteria, oil, or dead skin cells.

While not a medical concern, open pores can be a cosmetic issue for some people who do not like the way their skin looks. In adults who are prone to acne, open pores may become clogged, turning into blackheads or whiteheads. Aging skin containing less collagen may also take on the appearance of having larger, open pores, which might also cause concern.

Pores cannot be opened or closed. But the good news is, you can make your pores appear smaller. Often, when people say they wish to make their open pores look smaller, what they’re referring to is a deep cleaning to remove excess oil and debris. The excess oil in pores makes the pores open up and appear big. Therefore, by removing this excess oil, it may make open pores look as if they’ve shrunk or closed. In attempt to make pores appear smaller, a lot of people didn’t realize that they actually doing the opposite! Here are 7 mistakes that make your pores look larger.

1. Overuse of blotting paper

Oil blotting paper can be a situation saver during hot days when our skin tends to get extra oily and sweaty. Though, using it over and over again will do more harm to your skin than good. In reality, a thin oil layer is necessary for your skin. By removing it constantly you force your skin to produce more of it. This leads to clogged pores and enlarges them.

 2. Extractions

Blackhead extractions using blackhead-removing tools at home have the risks of leaving your skin with scars. It can be really satisfying to extract blackheads and pop pimples, but it should be done safely. There are bacteria on your skin and popping a pimple exposes a wound to these bacteria. If you force a pimple to pop that is not ready to be extracted yet, you let bacteria get into the inner layers of your skin. This can make the situation even worse since the irritation will spread, resulting in enlarged pores and scars.

 3. Over exfoliation

 Exfoliating helps to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oils that can block your pores. This simple action is refreshing and can make your pores appear smaller. Though, you only need to do it 1-2 times per week. Over exfoliating can lead to dry skin and open pores, that, without a natural layer of oil, will absorb dust from its surroundings. This will make your pores larger.

 4. Skin completely dry

Dry skin leads to wrinkles and makes you look older. Also, dry skin causes pores to flatten out and look bigger. So, not only is it harmful for your pores, but it also makes you look older! Incorporate hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine to maximize hydration. Always apply hyaluronic acid on wet skin and follow up with a moisturizer to seal in all the hydration. It can hold up to a thousand times its own weight in water, keeping your skin hydrated for longer.

5. Using comedogenic products

Comedogenic ingredients are ingredients that can potentially cause clogged pores. Avoid products that contain cocoa butter, coconut oil and lanolin, because these three are the most common comedogenic ingredients found in beauty products. Look for new makeup labeled, “oil-free,” “non-comedogenic” or “won’t clog pores.” Unfortunately, these labels are not regulated, and a foundation marketed as non-comedogenic may still cause breakouts in some individuals but looking for these qualities is a good starting point in your search for new makeup.

6. Insufficient sun protection

Sun exposure is harmful for your skin in many ways. It thickens the skin, removes the collagen, elastin, and water from it, and leads to tissue shrinkage. This causes the edges of your pores to stretch and look saggy. So, a sun protection cream is a must have! 

7. Overuse of makeup

Using too much makeup throughout the day can lead to clogged pores. Oil and dirt build up on our skin throughout the day, and when you put more makeup, for instance, powder onto your skin on top of all that, it makes the skin even more congested. During the day your makeup might naturally wear off. There is no harm in retouching it a little bit, but you should not do it fanatically. Your skin produces oil and by constantly dabbing your skin with powder, therefore, you will create a layer of oil, dirt, and makeup. This constant preening means that skin breakouts and acne will be guaranteed.

Open pores on your cheeks, nose, and forehead can appear larger as you age, or when your pores are clogged. Keeping skin clean, and avoiding the sun, are two of the best ways you can reduce the appearance of open pores. While nothing actually opens or closes pores, treatments are available that can make them look smaller, giving you the appearance of healthier and more vibrant skin.

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