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Know The 5 Types Of Acne Scars?
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Know The 5 Types Of Acne Scars?
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Rachel G.
Control That Oil!
3 1. Use a cleanser with salicylic acid  Salicylic acid is oil soluble and thus is great for soaking up excess oil,... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
Is Micellar Water As A Makeup Remover A Myth?
4 The French. Words such as effortless and chic come to mind when people say these two words and these beautiful... READ MORE >
Can I Use Vitamin E for Acne Scars?
5 Of the many skincare ingredients out there, vitamin E is definitely one of the most common. You'll probably find it... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
Say Bye Bye To Wrinkles NOW!
6 It is no secret that as we grow older all those pesky wrinkles and fine lines start forming and creeping their... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
The Toxic Three
7 Did you know, on average that women on average apply 12 personal care products a day and as such are... READ MORE >
Get Acne Whenever You Eat Chocolate? Get Your A...
8 Is your favorite sweet treat really the cause of unfair blemishes? Chocolate has long been blamed for breakouts, but is... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
Control Acne Delete: Combatting Hormonal Acne
9 Hormonal acne- what is it? Well it is exactly what it sounds like- acne which syncs with fluctuations in your... READ MORE >
Does Eating Peanuts & Oily Food Cause Acne?
10 For obvious reasons, most people would dream for healthy and acne-free skin, but there are a lot of myths going... READ MORE >
3 Reasons Why Vitamin C Injection Is Illegal
11 While many Malaysians pop a Vitamin C tablet every morning for a host of reasons, others are opting for a... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
How To Deal With Rosacea
12 Ever had persistent redness in your face that just doesn't go away? Or some pesky, red, small bumps that may... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
Haven't Heard Of The INKEY List? HOW?
3 The INKEY List was born from a belief that better knowledge powers better decisions. We know that the world of... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
Calling Those With Sensitive Skin For La Roche-...
4 Calling all those with sensitive skin! La Roche-Posay is the one you need! For over 40 years they have worked side... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
Simple Skincare: The Kinder Approach To Sensiti...
5 Simple believes in choosing kindness: kind to your skin, kind to people, kind to animals and kind to the planet!... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
Cosmoderm For Healthier and Beautiful Skin
6 Cosmoderm's underlying principle is to provide the most effective formulation which comprises of both plant based and natural active ingredients to... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
No Products? No Problem!
7 Ever heard of a water-only beauty routine? Well, it is time to get that glow from H2O! This is the... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
Good For Skin And The Environment? Look No Furt...
8 The idyllic Jeju island is at the heart of Innisfree as all their products are created with high quality, pure and... READ MORE >
Tiffany O.
A chat with BFM 89.9 (Christine Wong)
9 Many companies have leveraged the nature of the pandemic to embrace e-commerce fully, but with less in-person customer interaction, do... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
Commonlabs: An uncommon approach to skincare?
10 A skincare brand that focuses on pure vitamins and believes that true beauty comes from your well-being. Commonlabs describe their... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
The Face Shop: To Shop Or Not To Shop?
11 A bestselling international brand. The Face Shop's philosophy of 'natural story' and 'delivering the power of life from nature' highlights its... READ MORE >
Rachel G.
Call Me Baby Is Calling All To Get Sexy Skin!
12 Your journey to sexy skin starts here! Just 60 seconds, one mist, hundreds of benefits. If you don't believe me, believe... READ MORE >