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Here’s Why Men Need to Care About Skincare

Dr.Ingky Dermatologist
Here’s Why Men Need to Care About Skincare

One misleading information that we might have heard is, men have studier and more resilient skin than women. Therefore, men don’t really need to use facial skincare products. Here is when you are a bit misguided. 

Men’s and women’s facial skin are different, but regardless, you need to care for your facial skin for the same reasons you need to care for your hair, your teeth, and your digestive system. This is because, lack of care accelerates the effects of aging. 

Our skin is a living tissue. It is vulnerable to harmful effects of air pollution, dietary habits and, unfortunately, to the passage of time. Hence, it is vital for men to take care of their facial skin if they want it to be healthy and look its best.

 Main Differences Between Male and Female Facial Skin

These surprising facts might make you realize that facial skincare is just as essential for men as it is for women:

1. More active sebaceous glands and bigger pores

The most crucial difference is that men have more active sebaceous glands, which means more and larger pores. This means men’s facial skin is more prone to the effects of free radicals in the air and the skin is oilier and shinier. That alone serves as a wakeup call for all men; you need to better protect your skin and get rid of excess oils.

2. Signs of aging come in a bang

Signs of aging appear later for men, but when they do, they occur more quickly and more fully formed. So, taking a preventative approach here is incredibly important. Don’t wait for your facial skin to start aging, because at that point it’s already too late. Nourishing your facial skin on a regular basis will diminish the appearance of aging when it comes.

3. Shaving stresses the skin

Every shave removes the upper layer of skin cells, exposing ‘immature’ skin that is more sensitive to external factors. Over-sensitive skin demands more pronounced care. And if you’re thinking that growing or having a beard relieves you from skincare, it is totally the opposite. Having a full beard elicits a whole range of different challenges when it comes to facial skincare.

Making the Right Skincare Product Choices

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated, but you do need to pick the right products for your routine to be effective. We all wash our face, but few of us do it with the right product. Many of us might just reach for our go-to body wash and lather away, but that isn’t doing our facial skin any favors. In some cases,it’s drying it out your skin. What we need is a product that was designed especially for face cleansing, as well as a complimentary moisturizer that seals in hydration for optimal skin wellness. Here our dermatologist has listed pointers for skin care for men to follow:

Know your skin type: An easy way to determine your skin type is to carefully study your bare skin. You can start by washing your face with our mild foaming cleanser. Then, gently pat dry with a soft towel and refrain from applying any skincare products. After 25-30 minutes, observe your skin. What does it look like? Does it appear shiny on your cheeks and t-zone? You might have oily skin. Or does your skin feel tight and have flaky areas? Your skin is likely dry. If you see an unbalanced mix of oiliness and dryness, you most likely have combination skin.

Choose products as per skin type: Since there is a difference between the skin of males and females, the products are made specifically keeping in mind all those factors. Make sure to use skin care products mindfully. 

Simple Skincare Routine for Men

Follow a cleansing routine: Men should wash their face at least twice a day using a mild face wash that suits their skin. As the skin tends to get oily throughout the day and block the pores, it is important to follow a regular cleansing routine. Watch out if it dries your skin and changes the products accordingly.

Moisturise: After thorough cleaning and exfoliation, it is important to moisturize your skin to keep it soft and supple. A moisturizing cream provides the right amount of moisture to the skin to keep it hydrated and healthy. A hand cream, body lotion are some good options.

Do not forget SPF: SPF should be an important part of your skincare regime as it protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun that leads to sunburn, tanning and gradually leads to early aging. For men, a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 is a great option and should be used daily. Reapplying the skin care is the second step to increase its effectiveness.

Exfoliation: All that dirt and oil accumulated on the face results in blackheads or whiteheads and forms a layer of dead skin. Exfoliation sheds off this layer and brings out a smooth, healthy skin. It is advisable for you to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week.

Here at SkynFyx, we always advice to keep your skincare routine simple. So, if you ask us, what is essential? Two things: Cleanse and Moisturize. You need to clean your facial skin as thoroughly as possible and provide it with the nourishment it needs. Then you need to provide it with extra moisture to keep it from drying. Repeat once or twice daily for the best results. Washing and hydrating your facial skin is both essential and sufficient. Then just use sunscreen whenever you are going outside. This is truly all your skin needs

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