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If You Own A Facial Cleansing Tool, You Have to Know THIS!

Dr Ingky Dermatologist
If You Own A Facial Cleansing Tool, You Have to Know THIS!

There are times when you had a long day and the last thing you want to do is lift another finger. These are the days when washing your face feels like a chore! But cleansing every day is the most important thing to do for healthy skin, so you kind of have to. Here comes the question: do facial cleansing tools really come to the rescue?

Does it really remove 100 percent of your makeup, wash the dirt off, and enhance the absorption of products that you use? Before we answer this question, let’s take a look at what a facial cleansing tool looks like.


What is a Facial Cleansing Tool?

Here we go! Facial cleansing tools are a mechanical exfoliator used to help remove dead skin, while also increasing blood flow to leave your skin glowing. The other upshot? This prepares clean skin for any skincare products you apply afterwards to be better absorbed. A facial cleansing brush may not necessarily fall into a must-have skincare tool. But if you intend to up your face-washing game, it can be helpful.


Types of Facial Cleansing Tools

There are more than 10 types of facial cleansing tools. Some are made of silicones, brushes, some vibrate, some don't vibrate, and a lot more! And all of them serve the same purpose. Therefore, there are few things that we suggest if you planning to buy one of these tools. You should look at the following features:

  • Shape and weight: The one that feels good in your hand
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Silicone bristles are better than brush because they are non-porous
  • Multiple settings or areas for different types of skin and skin needs

It’s important to find a face cleansing brush that won’t cause unnecessary damage, especially if you have sensitive skin. Another important thing that you should remember, is DON’T OVERUSE it. The facial cleansing tool only works well if you use it no more than twice a week. This is because your skin needs to tolerate it as well. But is it worth it if we invest about RM400 for a cleansing tool but we are using cheap or low-quality skincare products? Let’s compare!


Using an expensive cleansing tool with cheap skincare products?

If you have RM400 to invest in your skin, our dermatologist suggests investing in better quality skincare products. Yes, skincare products! Facial cleansing tools are not magical gadgets that will help you to get smooth and glowing skin. You can see some changes on your skin if you use the tool religiously, but definitely not a dramatic result.

Facial cleansing tools are touchless options and they are a great tool to help keep bacteria transferring from your fingers to your face. But can't washing your hands before washing your face solve this problem? Furthermore, these tools are only good if you take care of them. For example, washing the brush after each use to help prevent bacteria from forming as well as helping to extend the life of the device.

On the other hand, good skincare products can help improve the appearance and texture of your skin. Whether you’re fighting breakouts or trying to regain a more youthful appearance, good, high-quality products are safe and effective and may come as formulations for sensitive skin or any other issues that you have. This is something that cleansing tools can’t offer. You can also be more assured of the products’ quality and may better be able to predict how your skin will react to trying a different product if you wish to change.

Low-quality skin care products can do more harm than good by clogging pores, increasing redness, and causing breakouts. Imagine using low-quality products with cleansing tools. What’s the purpose of using expensive cleansing tools on skin that is damaged, clogged and breaking out?


We would say skincare products...

The bottom line is, as our expert suggests, to invest more in skincare products rather than cleansing tools. Facial cleansing tools do work, but with good quality skincare products, you will get far better skin results than you would from using cleansing tools. If you want to know more, we are here to help you! SkynFyx is a platform that provides completely free skincare education. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries concerning skincare.

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