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Is Salt Water The New Skincare Remedy?

Dr Ingky Dermatologist
Is Salt Water The New Skincare Remedy?

 Salt Water Benefits for Your Skin

A trip to the beach is not only a sweet escape, but it turns out that salt water has tremendous benefits for your skin. Remember that trick your mom told you about for sore throats? Helping to calm the soreness by gargling with warm salty water. Salt water helps fight infection on your skin in the same way.

When you have a bacterial or viral infection in your throat and you gargle with salt water, it rinses your mouth, but some of the salt stays on the surface of your throat.There, it attaches to the infectious cells and draws out the moisture inside them, effectively dehydrating them until they are dried up and dead. The same thing happens when you put salt water on your skin. As the water evaporates, leaving the salt behind, it attaches to the surface of infected cells, draws the moisture out, and kills the cells. 

What is Salt Water?

Salt water or sea salt is a type of salt that comes from the evaporation of seawater. Sea salt is typically not processed or minimally processed since it comes directly through the evaporation of seawater. Because of minimal processing, sea salt has various trace minerals such as:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Potassium

A Great Remedy for Various Skin Conditions

Magnesium, calcium, and potassium are all skin-friendly minerals that can be found in sea salt. These minerals are great benefits of salt water since they help combat acne-causing bacteria, skin infections, and speed up the healing process.

Those with oily skin can benefit from washing with salt water with its moisture-reducing abilities that can help control excess oil, which leads to clogged pores. If you have eczema, you can really benefit by using salt water in your skincare routine since magnesium is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial mineral that alleviates itching and reduces moisture from bacteria and fungi that causes eczema.

Reduces Skin Irritation

Salt is full of minerals that the body needs in all its normal regulatory processes. Magnesium, for example, helps in the metabolism of skin cells and helps the skin to fight allergies. As salts open the pores and draw out toxins, they relieve the irritation and itching caused by skin rashes and insect bites, small cuts and scrapes, and scaly, dry skin.

You will probably notice that your skin's outer surface feels dry but clean after a dip in the salt. That is because salt does draw out the moisture, but it also draws out the nasty stuff. It does not disturb the skin's natural barrier, though, and it does help restore overall mineral balance, which helps the skin to maintain proper moisture.

Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Salt water helps loosen and remove dandruff while stimulating blood circulation for a healthier scalp. Also, sea salt helps keep fungal growth at bay by absorbing excess oil and moisture. 

Is Sea Salt Safe for Everyone?

Salt water generally safe for most people. But you have to be extra careful if you have dry skin type.  If you have a dry skin, constant exposure to a combination of salt, sun and sand can make your skin even dryer and cause irritation. Therefore, after a day in the ocean or lying on the beach, be sure to rinse off all sand and salt in the shower. Then, be sure to apply a rich moisturizer to keep your skin from getting too dry.

You may have to purchase a stronger moisturizer than the one you use on a daily basis. If you develop a skin rash, you may want to take a few days off from getting in the ocean and stay indoors until it clears up. Would you like to know more? We are here to help you! SkynFyx is a platform that provides completely free skincare education. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries concerning skincare.

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