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Why Your Makeup Looks Bad And How To Fix It!

Rachel Gibbons Beauty Expert
Why Your Makeup Looks Bad And How To Fix It!

Achieving flawless makeup is every woman’s dream, yet almost all of us have made at least one of these simple mistakes that render our hours and hours-long work a waste of time. From your lipstick bleeding to clumpy, spidery lashes here are the reasons why your makeup looks bad and tips on how you can fix it!


A cakey base

    • Apply powder before your foundation letting it sit for a few minutes before dusting off the excess and continuing with your usual makeup routine  

    Your face and neck don’t match

    • Test your foundation on your jawline and neck in natural lighting

    Flaky skin

    • Moisturise before applying your foundation
    • Exfoliate your skin weekly to get rid of dead skin cells  

    Under-eye creasing

    • Bake (generously packing a layer of translucent powder and letting it sit) under your eyes as soon as you have finished applying your concealer for 10 minutes then dust off the excess
    • Add some hydration by using a facial spray or toner containing squalane on your beauty blender and press over

    Caterpillar-like eyebrows

    • Use upward feathery strokes concentrating on sparse areas rather than uniformly filling in the entire brow
    • Brush through with a spoolie/ eyebrow brush to even out harsh lines 

    Eyeshadow fallout

    • Use an eyeshadow primer
    • Apply eyeshadow before foundation and concealer
    • Brush away fallout using a fan brush  

    Uneven wing

    • Don’t tug at/stretch your eyelid when drawing your wing
    • Stick tape and angle it how you want (usually connecting the outer corner of your eye to the tail of your brow)
    • Make a messy wing then grab a makeup wipe or a cotton bud dipped in micellar water and wipe the eyeliner into a sharp edge

    Smeared eyeliner

    • Set liquid eyeliner in place by applying eyeshadow in the same shade over it

    Smudging mascara

    • Blot your eyelids and under eyes 
    • Use an eyeshadow primer
    •  Wear your usual mascara and then apply a waterproof formula after on the tips only as a topcoat 
    • After applying your mascara keep eyelids half shut and try not to blink for around 60 seconds to dry

    Clumpy, spider-like eyelashes

    • Hold your mascara wand vertically when applying the product on your lower lashes
    • Lightly wiggle your wand back and forth as you apply your mascara
    • Do not pump your wand in and out the tube 
    • Add a few drops of saline into the mascara tube if it gets too thick and starts to dry up

    Bleeding lipstick

    • Use a lipliner first
    • Apply your lipstick using a brush, blot your lips and then apply again
    • Apply powder around your lips 

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