Gifts for Kids (and New Moms!)

Rachel Gibbons Beauty Expert
Gifts for Kids (and New Moms!)

Don‘t forget your little ones also need to be spoilt this holiday season- especially if it is their first Christmas and you are looking to make it extra special. So let’s show them some love through some gift-giving with these present ideas sure to make any baby go “ga-ga”!

Perfect Pacifier 2-6 Months #Ivory

Your baby deserves the best so we have found it! This pacifier was developed orthodontists and paediatric dentists for healthy development and to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth of your baby as they are 60% thinner and four times more flexible than competitor products, exerting less pressure on the baby’s mouth to avoid jaw deformations. 

Babies are unique. They all have their individual needs, and these change at the same fierce rate that the babies themselves grow and develop. It is Twistshake’s goal to become experts in all the phases babies go through. Twistshake aspires to develop products that are both functional and aesthetic- simple and safe to use!

Teether Cooler 2 Months+ #Pastel Pink

A must for all parents whose infants have sore gums! Twistshake’s teething cooler is water-filled, keeping it chilled so that your baby’s gums feel nice and cool as the first teeth emerge. The material has a textured surface, giving a nice massage, and the hook-shaped design makes the teething ring easy to hold from all angles.

Mini Cup 4 Months+

For all those creative kids out there that love experimenting- an ingenious innovation that offers parents an easy way to create a healthy, colourful mealtime drink packed with vitamins for your child. Each sippy cup comes with a fruit mixer – a prickly lid that crushes the fruit together with water when you shake the sippy cup. FruitSplash is also an enjoyable, fun activity to involve your child in, you can let your child join in choosing fruits and berries to find his or her very own favourite FruitSplash drink!

Johnson’s Baby Travel Kit

A handy, convenient pack for all the mommas on the go consisting of all the basics that are absolute musts! Contains: Johnson's® Baby Lotion 50ml, Johnson's® Baby Shampoo 50ml . Johnson's® Baby Bath 50ml, Johnson's® Baby Powder 50g. No more messes when you are out and about!

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Tinted Bottle Set 260ml

Make your baby’s feeding time the best one yet with this breast-like bottle with a soft silicone nipple that gently elongates and flexes during feeding to mimic natural breastfeeding. Also comes with a super sensitive valve so your little one ingests more milk and less air!

Buds Organic Starter Kit

Keep your little one squeaky clean and nourish their skin with this value starter pack! Formulated with gentle, moisturising ingredients such as aloe Vera, jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E. Contains Head to Toe Cleanser, Baby Bum Balm and Infant Cream.

Newborn Hat Effiki 100% Cotton White With Gray Heart 1-3 Months 

An ultra-soft and delicate beanie for a baby made from high quality cotton: the perfect gift for a newborn and for a baby shower. Your child will be warm and comfortable from the first moments and is a ulit ate companion after a bath. 

Effiki DouDou Effik Grey

A safety blanket that doubles as a cuddly toy to provide comfort and security to your little one, even when you aren't right beside them. Did you know that if a mum sleeps with the toy before the baby is born, the mum's scent passes onto the fabric and the baby feels it next to them. It gives him a sense of security, the toddler sleeps better and the bond between mother and newborn is strengthened. Try this out when you purchase!

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