Shining The Spotlight On The Underdogs Of The Ordinary!

Reyanna Ng Beauty Expert
Shining The Spotlight On The Underdogs Of The Ordinary!

We know you all love The Ordinary as much as we at Threebs do as well, so we thought why not shed some light on the lesser known products which are equally as amazing! Read below to learn more about our hidden gems of EUK 134 0.1%, Ethylated Ascorbic Acid 15%, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate and Pycnogenal 5%.

Protect your skin with EUK 134 0.1%!

the ordinary euk 134

The increase of scientific names, terms and abbreviations for ingredients are extremely confusing for anyone getting into the skincare realm, and this doesn’t just apply to beginners but us too! And this EUK 134 by The Ordinary was one of those instances. So, this blog is here to help that little bit by introducing the product, breaking down its benefits and giving our honest thoughts on this product after trying it


What is EUK 134?

EUK-134 is a powerful ingredient with potent antioxidants that give that extra boost of protection against free radicals and environmental threats like pollution, sun damage and other harmful toxins we are exposed to in our daily life. Considered to be one of the strongest antioxidants out on the market. Other than providing antioxidant support, the other primary benefits of EUK 134 is helping to reduce the appearance of visible redness and photoaging (aka sun damage that can lead to skin cancer).

Scientifically, EUK 134 is a biomimetic of 2 naturally occurring enzymes in our skin; superoxide dismutase and catalase. Now we know that there are a bunch of antioxidants boosting serums/treatments out there but EUK 134 stands out due to its special ability to regenerate itself. This means that after each antioxidant chemical responses (scavenging for free radicals), it will regenerate itself to perform the next task. Most antioxidants like Green Tea or Vitamin C tend to break down after completing the first hunt for free radicals, or sometimes even before completing the job.


Why this product?

The Ordinary’s formulation of EUK 134 is rare to come across in the market due to its high potency of 0.1%. Yes, that is considered high. Usually, the suggested concentration is below 0.05% and even then most brands go below, so 0.1% is extremely if comparing to any other product on the market. This product has also been formulated to be water, silicones, oils and alcohol-free as water can destabilize the efficacy of any antioxidant.


Insight to the product

Upon opening this product, you will see that EUK 134 will have a slight copper tint. The texture is similar to a light oil, hence, a slight oily feel to the skin. But not to worry, the formulation is easily absorbed into the skin and won’t clog your pores. This product is odourless as it doesn’t contain any fragrances.

It is very important to remember to not use EUK 134 in conjunction with strong acids (Ascorbic Acid/Azelaic Acid), Copper Peptides, Direct Acids, Vitamin C and Resveratrol & Ferulic Acid. This can either cause irritation to your skin or counter the effects of EUK 134, rendering it useless. If your skincare routine consists of any type of strong acids like the ones listed above, we recommend using EUK 134 in the AM and the acids in the PM. We recommend using hydrating ingredients together with EUK 134, such as Hyaluronic Acid or NMF.


Final Thoughts

This product and antioxidant ingredient is still relatively new and unheard off in Malaysia, so we really hope to be able to introduce this antioxidant hero to as many people as possible. We’ve compiled some reviews from Deciemchatroom to help show you how this product benefitted them;

I have always had very “rosy” red cheeks, go red really easily. EUK 134 has stopped all that. My complexion seems to stay a lot more even now.” – NI 

I love love love EUK. It’s been one of favourite To products since its debut. It’s very soothing for my sensitive skin and just the anti-oxidant qualities alone are enough for me to continue using it. I use it in the PM after 7 skins and Hylamide Sub Q skin (before oils and moisturizer).” – DS

Love it. I use EUK 134 on my non-vitamin C days. It’s niacinamide, buffet, and a dab of this. I like how spreadable it is, I only need 2-3 small drops for my face and neck, it seems to sink in fairly quick, and my moisturizer and SPF apply well over it. It’s done wonders for the flushing I used to get on my neck and occasionally on my cheeks” – SD 

EUK is the first product that showed me a good result! It improves my texture so much. Love it.” - LY

A summary of these reviews state that EUK 134 has helped to calm irritated, sensitive and reddish-skin concerns, especially rosacea. Other reviews revealed that EUK 134 delivered brightening and plumping effects to the skin, while others said that their skin felt softer and more moisturized. All of this reviews just tells that every skin will react differently to the same product, but one thing is sure is that the antioxidant protection supported by EUK 134 does bear skin benefits, a stronger barrier against free radicals and environmental aggressors means less harm done to the skin.


Get radiant and brighter looking skin with Ethylated Ascorbic Acid 15% Solution!

the ordinary ethylated ascorbic 15% solution

Vitamin C is all the rave now with brands popping up with new Vitamin C skincare products left and right, but do you know there are various types of Vitamin C, some pure and others derived from other sources. So how do we know which products contain which ingredient? And this is where The Ordinary stands proud, their selection of Vitamin C products are all labelled according to the type of Vitamin C ingredient used. For this blog, we’re gonna be talking about Ethylated Ascorbic Acid 15% Solution, introducing its benefits and highlighting some reviews at the end.


What is Ethylated Ascorbic Acid?

Ethylated Ascorbic Acid is a water-free derivative of Vitamin C that offers a more stable profile. Usually, Vitamin C derivatives are incredibly hard to stabilize and keep its benefits intact. This variation of Vitamin C features an “ethylated” (a scientific term for a compound when the hydrogen of an alcohol is replaced by a metallic atom) form of Ascorbic Acid (pure Vitamin C). Ethylated Ascorbic Acid works the same way pure Vitamin C works, it delivers brightening effects, evens out the skin, boost skin radiance and minimizes the appearance of pigmentation (dark spots, age spots).

Aside from its brightening effects, Ethylated Ascorbic Acid also provides strong antioxidant protection against free radicals and environmental threats that can speed up premature ageing as it is an antioxidant. Unlike other Vitamin C derivatives, Ethylated Ascorbic Acid is closer in molecular weight to pure Vitamin C which allows for faster visible results.


Why this product?

The Ordinary Ethylated Ascorbic Acid 15% Solution is perfect for those who are looking for have the same benefits of L-Ascorbic Acid but finds it too be incompatible with their skin. Opt for this instead because its better stability profile will ensure that its formulation will not damage the skin, yet you’ll reap the benefits for a more radiant and healthier looking skin tone!


Insight to the product

Ethylated Ascorbic Acid 15% Solution features a slightly “oily” consistency upon application, although it is a water-free formula and is transparent. If your Vitamin C has changed into a yellow or brown-ish colour, this means that the Vitamin C has oxidized and has lost its potency. You can still use the product, but it won’t do as much as it did when you first started using it. This product is to be used after any water-based serums/treatments and before your moisturizer.

It is important to note that Ethylated Ascorbic Acid should not be used alongside Niacinamide, Peptides (Buffet), Matrixyl, Argireline, EUK 134 and any other direct acids. You can find the list of The Ordinary products you can and can’t mix here. Also, sunscreen must be applied if any Vitamin C products is applied during the AM.


Final thoughts

As with all Vitamin C products, this product can help to brighten and even out your skin tone and reveal that radiant glow that’s been hiding underneath. We would recommend this product to someone whose skin has been quite accustomed to Vitamin C as its potency is on the stronger side. So for those first-timers or sensitive skin, we would advise to stay away or conduct a patch test. Its light-oil texture is something to remember if you prefer more water-like consistency. Below we’ve added some testimonials from Deciem as well as our lovely Threebs customers; 

Has brightening effect. Doesn’t cause breakout.” – ZT

I have super sensitive and very, very dry skin. I did not react badly to this serum. I get an instant glow after applying it. I would recommend using only 3 to 4 drops, otherwise your skin will become super oily.” – A

THE BEST! I have sensitive skin and had resigned myself to not being able to use Vit C on my skin. Then I saw this was available and I'm loving it!! My moisturizers are oil-based, so this works beautifully with them, and adds a nice bit of moisture to my routine. And the results have been lovely - smoother skin, higher cell turnover, glowiness, less breakouts, less redness...I could go on. Please, please never stop making this as it's the only thing that works for me.” – MS

The Ordinary impresses yet again! This was my first Vitamin C purchase, and within just one use, my skin was visibly brighter. As I’ve continued usage, my skin tone has become much more even and smooth. I use this in the morning(alternating between this and my direct acids). It does feel oily upon application but just be patient and let it absorb. Will absolutely repurchase!” – CC


Say bye-bye to dull-looking and uneven skin tone!

the ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F

The benefits of Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate aren’t as difficult and confusing as it is to pronounce its name, in fact, it’s rather straight forward. To simply think about it, this product is a derivative of Vitamin C, meaning it boasts the same effects of helping to brighten the skin and reduce uneven complexion. In this blog we’ll introduce this product, its benefits and provide you some real-life testimonials.


What is Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate?

As we all know, Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that helps to brighten the skin and diminish any pigmentation. And Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate does exactly that. Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate is an oil-soluble derivative of Vitamin C that can be used in higher concentrations without many side-effects as it is considered one of the most stable derivatives of Vitamin C. This formula by The Ordinary is formulated in combination with Vitamin F (an essential fatty acid) that can help to firm and rehydrate the skin. Aside from its brightening effects, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate also provides strong antioxidant protection against free radicals and environmental threats that can speed up premature ageing. 

The Ordinary carries a large selection of Vitamin C products, the biggest difference of Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate compared to the rest is that with Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate being a derivative, its potency will not be directly comparied to pure L-Ascorbic Acid (pure Vitamin C). Another difference lies in the skin types suitable for Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F. If looking for a Vitamin C treatment that simultaneously rehydrates dry skin and firms sagging skin, this product is the one for you!


Why this product?

The Ordinary’s Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F is highly suitable for those with mature or dry skin, or even a combination of both, to help rehydrate and firm the skin. Simultaneously helping to block pigment production and increase cell turnover that results in brighter and more even-looking skin complexion.


Insight to the product

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F features a very thin oil-like consistency and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily. This product is to be used after any water-based serums/treatments and before your moisturizer. 

It is important to note that all Vitamin C products, pure and derivate, should not be used alongside Niacinamide. Also, sunscreen must be applied if any Vitamin C products is applied during the AM.


Final Thoughts

We highly recommend this product to those who are either trying out Vitamin C for the first time and are looking to slowly build their skin’s tolerance to Vitamin C as this product will be less potent and harsh. As well as, to people with drier skin types due to the added Vitamin F that helps to deliver that extra boost of hydration. Below we’ve added some testimonials from Deciemchatroom;

A game changer for me. Consistency of use is key to seeing results with Vitamin C and I just couldn't do it when I was using the Vitamin C Suspension 23%...just too uncomfortable to use and took forever to absorb. This Vitamin F product proved to be a revelation: no irritation or burning sensation and is absorded quickly and completely by my skin. It is more expensive than the other products in the line but the resulting glowing and smooth skin make it all worth it. (I am a woman in my early 50s with normal to dry skin and I live in a cold climate.)” – AP

At first I didn't really like this product (it made me break out a bit), but I think that was because I didn't introduce it gradually over time. A few months later I decided to try it again and used it every 3 days for about a month, then every other day, and now I just started using it every day. I have sensitive, combination skin and this has made my skin very soft and smooth - I was actually a little surprised by how noticeable the results were. I was worried that it would be too oily for me since it's an oil-based serum but it's been fine, and I actually think it helps moisturize. I apply it after cleansing and before my sunscreen.” – MN

Again another wonderful and affordable product. My skin feels fantastic the instant I put it on and my skin looks and feels better with regular use. It takes a bit longer to absorb into my skin than expected only about two to three minutes. Not that it matters I would still use it if I had to wait thirty minutes before my next step. It is that good!” – RR


Get firmer and more supple skin with Pycnogenal 5%!

the ordinary pycnogenal 5%

It might be small but that doesn’t mean it isn’t might. Don’t underestimate this product, although it only comes in a 15ml packaging, that is more than enough to save skin suffering from premature ageing skin concerns.


What is Pycnogenal?

Pycnogenal is a natural plant antioxidant derived from the pink bark of French maritime pine trees. It contains procyanidins, bioflavonoids and organic acids that work to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Pycnogenal has the ability to bind collagen and elastin, protecting these proteins from degrading by nourishing them from the inside out. By preventing our skin’s natural elastin, hyaluronic acid and collagen from degradation, Pycnogenal works to enhance skin elasticity and hydration.

Along with its anti-ageing benefits, Pycnogenal is also a powerful and unique antioxidant that hunts for free radicals and protect against environmental threats (pollution, sun damage) before they actually cause oxidative stress damage. It can also restore the functionality of oxidized Vitamin C.


Why this product?

The Ordinary Pycnogenal 5% is perfect for those want that skin-plumpling effect for a more lifted and supple appearance. This product is also suitable for people with skin inflammation concerns, like rosacea or acne, as it possesses anti-inflammatory properties that may help to soothe any redness. 


Insight to the product

The Ordinary’s formulation of Pycnogenal 5% has a deep reddish/orange colour, this is due to the high content of procyanidin. There isn’t any added colourants in this product. The formulation features a slightly oily consistency that is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily/sticky residue. Like we said at the start, although it comes in small amount, you only really need 1-2 drops each application. So, a little goes a long way. We advise customers to wash their hands after application as the colour can stain upon contact with light coloured fabric. This product is to be applief after water-based serums and before moisturizers/oils. You can use this product both AM and PM.

One should remember to NOT use Pycnogenal in conjunction with Copper Peptides. If your skincare routine already consists of both, we advise to use one in the AM and another in the PM, or alternate days. You CAN also add 1-2 drops of Pycnogenal to your moisturizer if you prefer the consistency, or Vitamin C/facial oil. Also, sunscreen must be applied during the AM if you use Pycnogenal. 


Final thoughts

We highly recommend this antioxidant booster to anyone looking for that extra protection and skin-plumping effect, and even if you aren’t, there’s no harm providing your skin with more protection and hydration. Over time, as we age and the effects of the environment, our skin’s elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid will naturally degrade and cease production. Hence, it is crucial to deliver the necessary nutrients it needs to help revive our skin! Below, we’ve comprised of some testimonials from our lovely customers, as well as Deciemchatroom; 

Been using it for a week. I can see some changes on my skin.. looks more radiant . Been purchasing The Ordinary from Threebs , fast delivery and trusted.” – EC

I’m loving using Pycnogenol. I’ve used it neat on its own after other serums and before my moisturizer in the mornings and my skin feels amazing after application. I’ve also mixed it with Ethylated Ascorbic Acid for an antioxidant boost and also mixed with my moisturizer when in a hurry! It absorbs well into my skin and as an antioxidant, it’s good knowing my skin is being protected even if I can’t yet see any other improvements in my skin.” – RM

I notice improvement in skin hydration and elasticity when using this product. I really like it.” – MK

I love this product. I use it every morning after applying hyaluronic acid.My skin feels moistures, supple, radiant.Thank you for such a wonderful product.” – SB 


Stay tuned for more The Ordinary Reviews! If you have anything to add or ask, feel free to join in the conversation below! We’ll gladly answer all questions to the best of our ability and help you in any way we can! We might even make a blog post!

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