Behind the Scene

Face Factory is a Korean brand founded in the year 2017. The brand that aims to provide affordable skin care products and devices that can be easily incorporated into users' everyday routines.

Up till now, Face Factory has introduced more than 10 beauty appliances to the customers. They consider their Yoga Mask, Water Peeling Machine and Beauty Suction among its bestsellers. They have released the beauty appliances in Olive Young, Lotte Duty-Free, and many online stores.

In April 2019, they released Ironman LED Mask and more, collaborated with Marvel Studios, and Korean top actor Jonghyun, Hong was a model for that collection. In November 2019, they released the Yoga mask which allows the jawline to be more sharpen. Hyun-hee, Hong, a well-known comedians, was a model for Yoga mask and she appeared in Lotte Home shopping TV show. 4,000 Yoga masks were sold out in that show.

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