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Innisfree is a naturalism-oriented cosmetics brand created by Amore Pacific in 2000. The name was inspired by the poem "The Lake of Innisfree" composed by W.B. Yeats. The brand heavily references its ingredients and purify of Jeju Island in South Korea.

With 5 promises, Innisfree aims to target the global market. 1. The pursue of healthy beauty with reliable ingredients. 2. Smart consumption by providing various good-quality products at reasonable prices. 3. Expansion of eco-friendly green design containing all rich benefits of nature. 4. Implement eco-friendly green life to keep nature healthy. 5. Provide experiences that satisfy all senses with a diversity of pure nature.

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Formulated using natural ingredients from Jeju Island, Innisfree products promote improved skin hydration, reduced inflammation and evened out skin tone. This Korean skincare brand is famous for using local resources in producing skincare namely green tea, volcanic clay and seaweed. In addition, several products from Innisfree include active ingredients and antioxidants to protect the skin from signs of ageing and environmental stressor. Green Tea Seed Serum is a well-known product from Innisfree that contains a blend of green tea extract and seed oil, which provide intense hydration to the skin.


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