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Vodana started up in the U.S. in 2010 and make their debut in Korea in 2012. Vodana is a hair tools brand that provides beautiful salon blowouts and equipped with high quality iron that prevents hair damage from its heat while also promoting smoother hair. Vodana specifically created different sizes of barrels to cater different hair styles to suit diversity of beauty standards. Vodana aims to deliver beautiful hair curls and texture while also providing hairstyling convenience to beauty consumers.

They wish to solve any inconvenience with genuine ideas and technology. They also take pride in satisfying their clients, even in case of the toughest demand, and maintaining a accident-free work site.

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VODANA is said to give the hair salon experience with its hair accessories due to the high-quality iron used in their products to prevent hair damage while giving effortless and smooth hair blowouts. VODANA receives positive feedback for its product as it offered various sizes of barrels to cater to different hairstyles of beauty consumers. One of the best products of VODANA is known to be Glamwave Curling Iron (36mm) which is made from a ceramic-coated wide-width barrel, and many love this item as it gives effortless curls with minimal heat damage and frizz.


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