Behind the Scene

Twistshake aspires to develop products that are simple and safe to use, yet also offers an appealing design. The brand aims to create products that are both functional and aesthetic, and their designers are always looking for ways to combine practicality with eye-pleasing design. The brand has won several awards regarding design and functionality as a confirmation that they develop safe, functional and appealing products.

Babies are unique. They all have their individual needs, and these change at the same fierce rate that the babies themselves grow and develop. It is the brand's goal to become experts in all the phases babies go through. When a child is faced with new challenges, Twistshake wants to be there to assist them by way of their innovative and safe line of products.

Manufacturing articles aimed at babies is synonymous with an immense responsibility. The brand guarantees products of the absolute highest quality through compliance with all the legal quality controls, as well as through regular internal check-ups and quality inquiries. This mentality permeates not only the manufacturing process; it is a cornerstone of Twistshake’s entire business.

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