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Have You Heard of Cica?

Tiffany Ong Beauty Expert
Have You Heard of Cica?

I'm sure you skincare connoisseurs out there would have heard of cica - the latest skincare ingredient that has been making waves in many popular Korean skincare brands. Due to its skin sensitive ingredients, cica is generally included to calm inflammation, redness and irritated skin. But for those that haven't, I'll be sharing with you the history of cica and it's road to fame of being one of the most popular ingredients used today and at the same time, introducing you to the best selling cica manufacturer — VT Cosmetics in South Korea.

Cica History 

Cica has been growing in popularity over the past few years but it is actually not a newly discovered ingredient, it's history dates back to almost 3,000 years ago where it has traditionally been used for wound healing and has been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

But this astonishing ingredient wasn't discovered by humans. Centella Asiatica; it's scientific name, is said to be used by tigers to rub on their wounds to help them heal. Nature really works wonders!

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Cica Benefits

The skincare benefits of cica are plentiful, ranging from improving skin hydration and control moisture loss to treating acne, rosacea, or even severe dryness.

This can all be attributed to its chemical composition - being rich in amino acids, beta-carotene, fatty acids, and phytochemicals, including vitamins C, A, B1, and B2. This single compound works together to boost collagen production, which improves skin firmness & elasticity because they are packed with antioxidants, which also helps give your skin an antimicrobial boost and provide anti-inflammatory benefits protecting the top layers of your skin from pollution & other environmental toxins.

VT Cosmetics

VT Cosmetics is a relatively new K-beauty Leading Brand in trend with innovative Skin Science Technology. Found in 2010 and VT Cosmetics, formerly Vant, specialized in health and holistic products to promote a healthy lifestyle.

VT Cosmetics is also the first beauty brand to collaborate with the popular Korean band 'BTS'. BTS collaboration products are marketed by VT under the ‘VT X BTS’ range of products.

Cica Favorites

VT Cosmetics has recently launched a whole new range of cica products and it is definitely worth a try!

CleanserCica Mild Foam Cleanser

cica mild foam cleanser

This cica-infused product effectively cleans, while being gentle enough to use on sensitive skin types or those that are suffering from extreme dryness. It also lasts a really long time, and provides refreshing and comfortable feeling without dehydration after washing.

Toner - Cica Skin

cica skin

This hydrating toner is infused with Centella Asiatica Extract to help soothe and strengthen the protective barrier of your skin and gently removes leftover impurities post-cleansing while balancing your skin. 

MoisturizerCica Emulsion

cica emulsion

This product is ideal for sensitive skin that needs extra repair and nourishment. And not only that, it can also target mature skin types that are concerned with fine lines. Made with the Centella Asiatica plant, you can use this formula to heal the skin as well as to turn back time.

SunscreenCica Sun Spray

cica sun spray 

This sun spray not only has refreshing texture but also contains sunscreen calm, waterproof and anti-acne. It has launched a new fine nozzle design that can fix makeup. It is one of the best choices to defend against sunscreen in hot summer.

MaskCica Capsule Mask, Cica Mask Pack

cica capsule mask

Cica Capsule Mask is a wash-off cream mask. It clears dead skin and sebum. The addition of green tea and clay ingredient ensure your skin retains moisture after using it!

cica mask pack

Cica Mask Pack is developed with skin-friendly, patented gauze fabrics mask cloth, as if the second layer adheres to skin, It can also hold a large amount of essence, including 1,000ppm of high concentration of CICA Centella balm, Chamomile, Fairy fruit extract and Moroccan nut oil, effectively moisturizing, repairing and calming sensitive skin, helping the skin to return to a stable and healthy state!

Honorary Mention - Some By Mi Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Cream

 Some By Mi Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Serum

A multifunctional serum that brightens skin while also combating signs of aging! Its formula is enriched with snail mucin to help regenerate skin cells while True-cica soothes skin and refines its texture.


(sources: Image:Pinterest, Centella asiatica: Textbook of natural medicine 4th ed.)

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