Active Ingredients: Calendula

Chloe Song Beauty Expert
Active Ingredients: Calendula

A new flower-power on the block, Calendula is the next flower ingredient you need!

Flower-enriched skincare is not new, we’ve all heard and seen the influx of rose inspired products, and it’s no shocker that calendula is next. Calendula is considered a botanical ingredient. Derived from the calendula officinalis, or pot marigold. Its name comes from the Latin word “kalendae” which means “little calendar” or “1st day of the month” as it is thought to only bloom on the first day of the month. Commonly used in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal practices due to its healing properties, as well as, Western medicine to treat ulcers, fevers, muscle spasms and more.




  • Calendula has show-stopping soothing benefits, all thanks to its potent amount of flavonoid, saponins and triterpenoids that allows calendulas to inhibit the body’s release of histamines that causes inflammation, redness, allergic reactions and itching.


  • People with acne-prone skin are suitable to use calendula (maybe even advised) as it calms any inflammation associated with breakouts, irritants or any other skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. Inflamed skin tends to mean that the skin’s barrier is weak and unable to heal and prevent any bacteria from entering the skin and forming new acne.
  • Its antimicrobial properties also reduce ay fungi or bacteria growth from occurring when our skin’s microbiome (the microbes naturally living on our skin) becomes imbalanced due to a variety of reasons (environment, stress, immune system).
  • Its gentle nature also makes it suitable to use in conjunction with other anti-acne ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, without further drying out your skin.

Moisturises the skin

  • Calendula is also high in fatty acids (linoleum acid) that work to nourish and strengthen the skin barrier. Allowing your skin to better absorb nutrients and retain moisture longer, revealing a more supple, smoother and healthier complexion.

Skin guardian

  • The flavonoids and carotenoids in calendula not only soothe your skin, but are also the main reasons why we consider calendula a skin guardian. Both are strong antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals and environmental stressors that wreak havoc on your skin, primarily the culprit for premature ageing skin concerns, pigmentation and dullness.
  • With calendula being used in traditional medicinal practices for over hundreds of years, there is no doubt that its healing capabilities iare something worth praising. Its healing properties come from calendula’s ability to improve blood circulation and oxygen to the skin.
  • More blood flow = more nutrition to your skin = healthier-looking skin.

Improves skin elasticity

  • With calendula nourishing your skin with nutrients, it can give your skin the appearance of tighter looking and supple skin.
  • Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the skin barrier can also prevent your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production from degrading.


What to note?

If you have any known allergies to flowers, it is best to conduct a patch test prior as the chances of an allergic reaction are high.


Products we recommend 

iUNIK Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil

iunik calendula complete cleansing oil

A deep cleansing oil infused with 94-percent plant oils, as well as calendula flower extract to remove all traces of makeup and impurities, while leaving the skin feeling soothed and moisturized. Offer deep cleansing effect with effective pore care to remove makeup remnants and blackheads for clean, smooth skin express.



Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask

mamonde calming hydro sleeping mask

Inspired by the power of calendula, this sleeping mask has the ability soothe your skin, giving your skin the nourishment it thirsts for and allowing you to wake up to a hydrated and glowing complexion.


Everyday Aqua Sun Cream

mamonde everyday aqua sun cream

Everyday Aqua Sun Cream is formualted with calendula complex that treats skin that is exposed to the sun to keep it healthy with calendula extract & madecassoside. It powerfully protects the skin from UV rays with an upgraded PA protection factor (4+). It also contains cotton extract which has a palliative effect on fine dust, that is known to damage the skin barrier and speed up the ageing process.



Real Floral Toner - Calendula

nacific real floral toner calendula

NACIFIC Real Floral Toner contains a formula made with Centella Asiatic extracts and infused with real calendula flower petals. Made with 91% real calendula flower water, this removes dirt, impurities and leftover residue while soothing irritations and hydrating the skin.


Real Floral Essence - Calendula

nacific real floral essense calendula

This multi-purpose essence containing a formulation of calendula extract, tea tree extract and hyaluronic extract offers soothing and hydrating benefits that leaves your skin smooth and protected.



Sunday Morning Refreshing Cleansing Foam

axis y sunday morning refreshing cleansing foam

A cleansing foam set at pH 5.5 to cleanse the skin of dirt, excess oils, and other impurities deep in the pores without stripping the skin. Enriched with birch sap, green tea, liqorice, allantoin, calendula, chamomile and centella asiatica.


Quinoa One Step Balanced Gel Cleanser

axis y quinoa one step balancing gel cleanser

The combination of quinoa and healthy nutrients remove environmental toxins to reveal healthy, lively skin. Gently, but effectively cleans skin and removes excess keratin and free radicals. Enriched with centella asiatica, calendula, green tea, sweet almond oil, humulus lupulus and holy basil.

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