Active Ingredients: Niacinamide

Tiffany Ong Beauty Expert
Active Ingredients: Niacinamide

Want Glowing Skin? Niacinamide Might Just Be Your New Best Friend!

Anyone who’s dabbled in skincare will definitely have seen or heard about Niacinamide, you may very well be using it right now. But what does Niacinamide do that has made it garner mass attention in the skincare world? When it comes to our skin, we’re always trying to find new ways, products and ingredients to improve our skin, be it anti-aging, hydrating, brightening and many more. One of the most common skincare promises promoted on the market is brightening, and when we think of skin-brightening ingredients, the first that comes to mind is Vitamin C. However, not all skin types will reap the benefits of Vitamin C. But what if there’s another ingredient that provides the same brightening benefits and can possibly be better suited for your skin? Well, that’s Niacinamide.

Niacinamide, also referred to as Vitamin B5 or Nicotinamide, is a water-soluble vitamin that can’t be naturally found or produced in our body, meaning that we have to find external sources to obtain and replenish them. This can be either through oral supplements or topical applications.

Niacinamide is a great all-rounder ingredient, it works to fight aging skin concerns, tackle dehydration, repair skin damage and even prevent acne, making it suitable for a wide range of people and skin types. Another plus point to Niacinamide is that it is compatible with any ingredients, such as retinol, AHAs, BHAs, PHAs, Vitamin C and more. Hence, you don’t have to worry about it neutralizing the effects of your other skincare products. It’ll fit right in!



Skin brightening

  • Niacinamide works to prevent the transfer of pigment within the skin, in turn reducing the appearance of dark spots which improves the skin complexion and getting an even skin tone.

Repairs the skin

  • Niacinamide helps with restoring cellular energy, repairing damaged skin cause by excessive sun exposures and reinforces the skin’s defense barrier against pro-irritants and other harmful toxins.


  • With Niacinamide helping to repair damaged skin, as well as fighting off internal and environmental stressors, Niacinamide also slows down the onset of premature aging. Concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores and more.

Hydrates the skin

  • By helping to restore cellular energy and function, Niacinamide prevents moisture loss and dehydration as the skin’s barrier function and the ceramides naturally found in the skin are strengthened.


  • Niacinamide is ideal for those with sensitive skin or chronic skin conditions like eczema and rosacea as its anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the appearance of redness and soothes irritation. 

Reduces acne

  • Niacinamide can also be used to fight off acne and prevent more from forming as it strengthens the skin’s defense barrier and function, whilst soothing the skin of any irritation or inflammation that when left untreated can cause the skin to be more susceptible to bacteria growth.
  • Orally consuming Niacinamide supplements are also shown to prevent acne.


What to note?

  • Niacinamide, Nicotinamide or Vitamin B3 is sometimes confused with Nicotinic Acid due to the similarity of the name. Do not assume that they are both the same ingredient.
  • Although niacinamide is relatively gentle on the skin, too high of a concentration can cause irritation. We recommend starting with a low concentration and building the tolerance up.
  • Like with all new products and ingredients, we advise conducting a patch test 24-48 hours before.


Products we recommend and where to find them


The INKEY List Niacinamide Serum

the inkey list niacinamide serum

This serum contains a blend of 10% Niacinamide and 1% Hyaluronic Acid that both work together to help control excess oil production, reduce blemishes, redness and hyperpigmentation.


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

the ordinary niacinamide zinc

A must have for oily skin! This mineral + vitamin serum features a mix of Niacinamide and Zinc, both blemish battling ingredients that minimizes enlarged pores, evens skin tone, reduces breakouts and soothes the skin.


Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster

paulas choice niacinamide booster

Formulated with 10% Niacinamide, this booster definitely will improve uneven skin tone and refines the appearance of pores, improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines for younger looking skin. This booster can be used alone or be added to your serum and/or moisturizer.


A LA CARTE Vitamin B3 10% Niacinamide

a la carte niacinamide

From Malaysia! This affordable Niacinamide serum features a potent 10% concentration that is rare to find on the market with this price point. This serum helps brighten the skin, regulate sebum, minimize pores and improves the overall skin health.


AXIS-Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum

axis-y dark spot correcting glow serum

A Niacinamide-based serum that works to correct dark spots and evens out the skin tone. With the help of plant derived Squalane, this serum also helps with moisture retention and fights off free radicals. It also contains other plant extracts like Papaya, Sea Buckthorn, Calendula and more.


KraveBeauty Great Barrier Relief

kravebeauty great barrier relief

Consisting of a blend of conditioning oils, this creamy serum calms sensitivity and evens out the skin of any discoloration and breakouts caused by a damaged skin barrier.  Formulated with 10% Tamanu Oil and Niacinamide, this serum will guarantee relief for any skin type or concern.


Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence

nacific phyto niacin whitening essence

Banish dull-looking skin with this whitening essence that features Lemon extract, Bamboo Water and Niacinamide. This essence delivers a hydration boost to the skin, reduces pigmentation and improves the overall skin tone.



CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion

cerave am facial moisturizing lotion

This day moisturizer contains Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides and Niacinamide that restores and nourishes the skin. Plus, SPF30 to protect your skin from sun damage that can further damage the skin barrier and make it prone to irritation.


The INKEY List Vitamin B, C and E Moisturizer

the inkey list vitamin b c e moisturizer

Containing all the skin-benefitting vitamins, this lightweight moisturizer has a blend of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), C and E that work synergically to regulate oil, brighten the skin and soothe and inflammation.


Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

olay regenerist micro sculpting cream

The infamous “Red Jar”. Designed to visibly diminish wrinkles and fine lines, this anti-aging moisturizer contains Amino Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) that help repair skin damage and re-energizes surface cell energy, making your skin more receptive to anti-aging benefits.


I hope this blog has helped you in any way and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we'll do our best to get back to you!

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