Active Ingredients: Rose

Reyanna Ng Beauty Expert
Active Ingredients: Rose

Rose aren't just a symbol of romance for Valentine's Day or celebrations, they are also amazingly loved by our skin.

Rose, especially rose water, is now being widely prominent in skincare, promising to deliver hydrating and soothing benefits to the skin. A notable brand that found fame due to its rose-infused products would Fresh with its Rose Toner. And it’s no surprise why more and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon, anything rose has an abundant of benefits that suits just about any skin type. This is because rose is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that can help heal and protect the skin at once.

The use of natural ingredients, particularly flowers, are increasing but rose continues to be one of the buzziest skincare ingredients in the skincare world, so read on to find out why!



Helps soothe the skin

  • Rose is a well-known ingredient that possesses anti-inflammatory benefits that help to calm and cool the skin. It is extremely gentle and mild making it suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin, eczema and rosacea.

Cell regeneration

  • Rose, especially White Rose, supports cell regeneration and the overall skin barrier health. By doing so, rose has the ability to inhibit the degradation of collagen and elastin, leading to plumper skin.

Antioxidant protection

  • Rose is also a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals and environmental stressors, like UV rays and pollution, that both cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a major culprit behind premature aging and a damaged skin barrier. Hence, rose-infused skincare can slow down aging skin and keep the skin cells healthy.

Balances pH levels

  • Rose water is slightly acidic, making it a great choice for toners as it helps to bring the skin’s pH levels down to 5.5, while also removing any excess dirt and oils that weren’t removed during the cleansing stage.

Great to fight acne

  • On top of helping to further cleanse the skin, rose water is also antibacterial which helps with soothing irritated, acneic skin. Along with removing excess buildup in the skin, it can prevent future breakouts.

Very hydrating

  • Other than calming the skin, rose delivers an instant boost of hydration.

Combatting skin dullness

  • Being packing with antioxidants, rose helps to smooth any rough texture and reduce the appearance of sagging skin, as well as brightening any discoloration. Resulting in a more even skin tone and texture.


What to note?

  • As with all new ingredients and products, we advise people to conduct a patch test on the inner forearm or behind the ear at least 24-48 hours prior in any case of an allergic reaction.


Products we recommend and where to find them


pixi rose

Pixi’s Rose Infused Skintreats are developed to restore and soothe skin naturally.

  • Rose Tonic: A daily toner that tones and balances the skin’s pH levels, prepping it for your following skincare routine. It also minimizes redness and calms the skin.
  • Rose Quartz Soothing Oil: Can be used for both face and body to brighten the skin and provide an instant soothing hydration.
  • Rose Caviar Essence: A moisturizing skin serum that delivers the nourishment and hydration from fresh botanicals.
  • Rose Oil Blend: A botanical oil blend that features a complex of oils that help improves the skin’s elasiticity and glow.
  • Rose Glow Mist: For whenever you are on to go. This facial mist leaves your skin glowing and protected due to the antoxidants and flower oils.



mamonde rose

Mamonde is known for their flower product line, they focus on using certain floral ingredients for certain skin concerns, like Chamomile, Iris, Lotus and Rose being one of them and is one of their bestsellers.

  • Rose Water Toner: Made with 90.97% rose water from Damask rose from Bulgaria. It gives an amazing soothing and moisturizing effect.
  • Rose Water Toner Pad: Whenever you need an extra exfoliation, or it can also be used as a sheet mask by leaving it on the skin for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rose Water Gel Cream: Suitable for all skin types, this gel cream moisturizer works to soothe and moisturize the skin.
  • Rose Moisturizing Flower Lab Essence Mask: For whenever you want that extra something to treat your skin.



nacific rose

  • Real Floral Essence – Rose: This essence is formulated with Rose extract and Hyaluronic Acid to help combat premature aging and replenish hydration.
  • Real Floral Toner – Rose: Made with 92% distilled cabbage rose water and real flower petals for instant soothing and hydration.



iunik rose galactomyces

  • Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner: With 70% rose flower water and 10% galactomyces ferment filtrate, this toner replenishes and rebalances the skin, prepping it for your remaining skin regime.
  • Rose Galactomyces Synergy Serum: Formulated with 50% galactomyces ferment filtrate and 10% cabbage rose water, this serum moisturizes the skin while also controlling sebum production. Ideal for oilier or combination skin types.


Rosehip Seed Oil

rosehip seed oil

Something to remember about Rosehip Seed Oil is that it is different from Rose Oil. Rosehip Seed Oil is derived from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant, while Rose Oil is derived from the rose petals. Hence, they are 2 different ingredients with different benefits. A signature to all Rosehip Seed Oil is its orange-copper tint. 


Flowers are a great botanical ingredient to add to your skincare regime. Though finding the one that suits and treats your skin type and concerns can be quite difficult. So if you have dry, inflammed or sensitive skin, Rose might just be your skin's new best friend. If you have any questions, leave a comment down below and we'll do our best to get back to you!

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