At Home Spa Days With Foreo

Rachel Gibbons Beauty Expert
At Home Spa Days With Foreo

Life can be complicated. Self-care doesn’t have to be. Foreo makes self-care devices that are available to you anytime, anywhere. These devices save your time, so you can focus on other aspects of your life while feeling great about yourself. You can skip most of your spa days, saving time and money, just by transforming your routine into an at-home ritual with Foreo. This is how much spa pampering you can fit into 6 minutes in the comfort of your own home: Start with a great cleanse: get rid of 99.5% impurities with LUNA™ Indulge in a 2-minute spa facial with UFO™ to get the most out of active mask ingredients Use BEAR™ to lift the skin on your face and neck, and diminish those fine lines in no time Finish the session by depuffing and taking care of dark circles under the eyes with IRIS™ And that’s your skincare ritual. It’s effective, effortless, and saves you time – millions of Foreo users agree.

Foreo Luna Play Smart 2 Tickle Me Pink! 

Luna Play Smart 2 Tickle Me Pink! (1pcs)

Luna Play Smart 2 is an intelligent facial cleansing device from the Swedish beauty-tech brand FOREO. An in-depth skin analysis is followed by a customised cleansing routine. This smart T-Sonic™ pulsations facial massager removes up to 99.5% of dirt, oil, sweat, and makeup residue and preps the skin for enhanced absorption of active ingredients from your preferred skincare products. The compact and lightweight ultra-hygienic silicone device requires no additional brush heads and is a perfect smart skin consultation travel companion, packing up to 600 uses. Benefits:

• Deep, yet gentle cleansing
• Relaxing facial massage
• Ultra-hygienic, bacteria-resistant silicone
• Suitable for all skin types
• Lasts for up to 600 uses
• 100% waterproof
• Free of BPA and phthalates

Foreo Luna 3 For Sensitive Skin

Foreo Luna 3 For Sensitive Skin (1pcs)

LUNA™ 3's iconic design has now been improved to feature a bigger brush head with longer & softer touchpoints to ensure an even deeper & more thorough cleanse, 16 adjustable intensities, and a variety of app-guided massage routines that use the back of the device to tighten targeted areas of your face, for a refined & younger-looking complexion in minutes. LUNA ™ 3 blasts away dirt, oil and makeup residue in only one minute, the best way to get the youthful glow. Benefits:

• Smooth softness
• Youthful radiance
• Deep cleanse
• Immediate lift
• Perfect to prep your skin for smoother makeup application

Foreo Iris Eye Massager Mint

Foreo Iris Eye Massager Mint (1pcs)

IRISᵀᴹ has been approved by Ophthalmologist as an effective & safe eye care treatment, IRIS™ combines ancient Asian lymphatic-drainage acupressure with revolutionary T-Sonic™ massage to refresh & depuff tired eyes, help them regain moisture, and relieve headaches caused by eye strain. Non-invasive, quick & effective, this ultra-hygienic device is also clinically proven to help reduce under-eye bags & dark circles while brightening, smoothing & firming the under-eye area. Benefits:

• Fights visible signs of ageing and fatigue
• Reduces under-eye puffiness and dark circles
• Stimulates the skin to smooth the appearance fine lines and wrinkles
• Increases the absorption of skincare products

Foreo Espada Blue Light Acne Treatment Pink

Espada Blue Light Acne Treatment Pink (1pcs)

ESPADA™ is an FDA-cleared medical device clinically proven to quickly & effectively treat acne-prone skin during & even before a breakout. ESPADA™'s simple, non-invasive & pain-free targeted 30-second treatments fight acne, pimples, blemishes, inflammation, dark spots & clogged pores with innovative dual LED-Pulse tech, to destroy acne-causing bacteria without drying or damaging the skin & reduce future breakouts - so you can feel confident both inside & out. Benefits:

• Fewer breakout
• Faster Healing
• Quick & effective
• Smoother skin
• Comfortable & safe

Foreo Bear Mini Lavender

Foreo Bear Mini Lavender (1pcs)

BEAR™ combines anti-aging microcurrent tech with T-Sonic™ massage to safely & effectively train & tone the 65+ muscles in your face & neck with pro-level power, for lasting results. This fierce toning device takes face yoga to a whole new level! Tighten & firm skin for a youthful, contoured complexion. BEAR™ mini also helps improve facial contour, sagging & the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles in just 2 mins, so your inner esthetician can enjoy a professional spa routine from the comfort of home. Benefits:

• Instant facelift
• Youthful radiance
• Dewy hydration
• Recharged skin
• Customizable treatment

Foreo Luna Mini 3 Mint

Foreo Luna Mini 3 Mint (1pcs)

LUNA™ mini 3 is the original Swedish facial cleansing massager that removes 99.5% of dirt, oil & sweat from your face in just 1 min. Designed with a larger dual-surface brush head that combines thick & thin ultra-hygienic silicone touchpoints for all skin types, 12 adjustable massage intensities, brand new 30-sec Glow Boost mode, and app connectivity. Add them up and you get one thing: comfort, convenience, and a way better & way deeper cleanse.
How to use:

1. Connect your LUNA mini 3 to the FOREO app via Bluetooth (you must unlock LUNA mini 3 before using it for the first time).
2. Dampen your face, apply your favorite cleanser and then press the universal button.
3. Glide LUNA mini 3’s touchpoints in circular motions over your face until the built-in timer shuts it off.
4. Rinse LUNA mini 3, pat-dry your face and continue with your skincare routine.

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